NARO "Summer Open Day-Explore the Fun of Food and Agriculture-"

Release date : July 8, 2013 (Monday)

It's the season of the NARO Summer Open Day!

Sponsored by NARO (NARO Headquarters, NARO/ARC, NICS, NIVTS), and together with research institutes in the neighborhood, we welcome you to visit our Summer Open Day, with its wide variety of events and programs. There will also be tips and ideas for your homework for the summer holidays.

Photos1 from the Summer Open Day 2012 Photos2 from the Summer Open Day 2012 Photos3 from the Summer Open Day 2012
Photos from the Summer Open Day 2012


July 27th, 2013 (Sat) 9:30AM - 4:00PM (entrance until 3:30 PM)

* The hours of the Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall will be 9:30AM - 4:00PM on Summer Open Day (usually 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM).

* The National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) will be holding its Summer Open Day on the same day, and the two venues will be connected by a free shuttle bus (5-minute-ride).


Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall

3-1-1 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8517

Click here for the area map. If you are coming by car, please note that the usual road is closed to the public on the Summer Open Day, and please follow the guidance of the traffic control staff while parking your car.
Click here for the Parking Map [PDF].

Events and Programs

* The event may be changed or cancelled without notice.
* The tasting, souvenirs and experience sections can accommodate only a limited number of visitors.

Special Exhibit and Mini-Presentations

  • Panel exhibit of NARO activities for restoration and recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • The mini-presentations will focus on things related to our daily life, and are aimed at a general audience.

    Tentative Schedule:
    10:30 - Everything to know about weeds
    11:30 The wonders of lettuce
    12:30 The power of rice flour
    13:30 Let's study the dirt around us
    * Topics may be changed without notice.

Let's Have Fun with Science!

  • Touch and watch. Great wonders of small insects.
  • How do you measure the length of the roots?
  • The Seven Wonders of lettuce!
  • Let's challenge with your parents! "Let's extract the DNA from foods around us"
  • Can you tell the difference? Compare the tastes of carrot pastes
  • Do you know the plant diseases?
  • Tale of the food -Challenge the quiz-
  • Let's make slime!

Let's Taste the Research Products!

  • Moist and tasty brown rice flour bread
  • Tasting the barley foods rich in dietary fiber
  • Summer is the best season for SOYBEAN CURRY!!!
  • Pizza making-experience with 'Yumeshiho' wheat flour

Experience Section

  • Be the mascot Sujiwo
  • Let's watch the ground from high above using a simple balloon camera
  • Rice husking-experience
  • Pounding-experience of steamed rice for mochi
  • Making straw sandals/ Grinding-experience with a stone mortar
Other Programs:
  • Exhibition of agricultural machines
  • Free cabbage seedlings
  • What are weeds?-troublesome problems in upland and paddy fields
  • Crop sample garden
  • Satsuma and health
  • What is "gender equality"?
  • Strawberry picking robot
  • How simple! Experience the sanitary survey
mini-presentations (last year)Mini-presentations (last year)

Let's extract the DNA (last year)Let's extract the DNA (last year)

Making Pizza (last year)Making Pizza (last year)

Grinding with a stone mortar (last year)Grinding with a stone mortar
(last year)

Simple balloon camera (last year)Simple balloon camera (last year)

  • Please prepare for high temperatures by bringing beverages, etc. (Drinks will be on sale at the venue.)
  • Stamps for the Chibikko-Hakase 2013 are available at the venue
  • Please check the evacuation site in the map you will receive at the reception in case of emergency