National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Division of Pathology and Pathophysiology

Pathophysiological investigations for preventing the production diseases, opportunistic infection, mastitis and reproductive disorders are conducted in this division. Animal diseases are roughly divided into infectious and not infectious. Infectious diseases include the opportunistic infection caused by the microorganisms that are not normally pathogenic but might have pathogenicity under the weakened immune system condition of animals. The diseases are diagnosed by etiological and pathophysiological methods. In this division, various diseases are mainly diagnosed by means of pathological, biochemical and toxicological approach, not by etiologically. The improvement of diagnostic methods is also attempted.

In the livestock, production diseases such as mastitis followed by the milk production, metabolic disorders followed by aiming high quality meat and the reproductive disorders and so on, are also big problems. For settling these production diseases, they are precisely investigated and the mucosal vaccines for mastitis are attempted, for example. In the field, the sign of the disease must be recognized on site. For perceiving them in the early stages, biosensor technologies are challenged for checking the individual health status.



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