National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Toxicology Unit

The major research target of the Toxicology Unit is to ensure the safety of domestic animals and animal products against chemical substances contaminated in animal husbandry environment, especially in animal feed. One objective is to prevent animal health damage and productivity decrease by toxic chemicals. Another objective is to prevent human hazard via residual chemicals in animal products. To ensure safety against a certain chemicals, it is necessary to reveal its environmental distribution, animal contamination route, frequency and amounts, that is, contamination situation. And it is also necessary to declare its toxicity to animal, and its absorption, distribution, metabolisms and excretion in animal body. The chemical risk informations and risk control methods are derived from these studies. We perform the following studies:

  • Development of novel diagnosis methods of toxicosis
  • Elucidation of contamination situation and toxicity of feed contaminated mycotoxins in animal husbandry environment
  • Elucidation of contamination situation and toxicity of environmental pollutants in animal husbandry environment
  • Development of novel toxicity evaluation method using cultured cells.

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