National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Division of Transboundary Animal Disease

Our division focuses on the animal diseases that transmit over the boundaries of nations at 3 research sites, Tsukuba, Kodaira and Kagoshima. Each site specializes on a specific research theme.

At Tsukuba, molecular basis of pathogenicity, genetic and antigenic characteristics of animal influenza viruses have been studied utilizing those outcomes to explore novel diagnosis tool and vaccine strategies to animal influenza. We have participated in J-GRID program, funded by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) to carry out collaboration study on avian and swine influenza with researchers in Thailand and Vietnam. In prion research, pathobiology of prion-infected animal and characterization of prion produced in vivo and in vitro have been carried out. Also, a sensitive and rapid diagnosis method and efficient inactivation method were developed. We are also determined to reveal "species barrier" of prion.

At Kodaira, development of intervention methods on animal infectious diseases with international importance, such as the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) have been a main focus of the study, trying to establish an antigen-detection method that would be more sensitive than the international standard method.

At Kagoshima, exploration on diagnosis and intervention methods of arbovirus-related diseases in western-south temperate and sub-tropical regions has been a major focus, and a broadly reacting genetic diagnosis (RT-PCR) method of orthbunyaviruses has been developed.


SAITO Takehiko

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