National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Epidemiology Unit

We are committed to epidemiological research on animal infectious diseases such as risk factor analyses for disease occurrence and spread, and quantification of economics of disease. Methods we often utilize include field survey or questionnaire survey in affected region, GIS analyses, mathematical models and computer simulations. Combining these methods with our expertise and the strong partnership with national or prefectural animal health agencies, we are contributing to the control and prevention measures for animal infectious diseases in Japan.

We have been focusing on FMD, BSE and avian influenza since 2000s after Japan experienced these diseases with large social and economic consequences. More recently we have initiated research on chronic infectious diseases such as enzootic bovine leukosis and paratuberculosis.

Epidemiology is unique in that the research objective is to make the best use of outcome for control measures. We will continue to carefully assess the research needs from policymakers and the industry and contribute to the health of animals in Japan.

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