National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Division of Viral Disease and Epidemiology

The Division of Viral Disease and Epidemiology is working on elucidation of the infection mechanism and pathogenesis, development of diagnostic tests and preventive measures for viral infectious diseases of cattle, swine, poultry and other livestock species. We are also committed to epidemiological research on such diseases. Although Japan has been successful in controlling many animal infectious diseases, we still have some challenges in fights against viral and bacterial diseases. Especially viral diseases that are highly contagious and not susceptible to antibiotics tend to cause devastating damages to the industry.

To safeguard domestic animals from these diseases, the detailed mechanism for pathogenesis, proliferation, transmission, immune response and disease onset needs to be investigated and the effective control and preventive measures have to be implemented. In addition, developments of diagnostic tools to accurately detect infected animals and effective vaccine to reduce damages are also required. With these viewpoints, we will continue to cover both basic research and applied research.

In order to address animal health issues in a comprehensive manner, in-depth analyses on epidemiological situation and effectiveness of various measures have to be done at animal, farm and regional level. Our epidemiology unit has been engaged in these works to identify risk factors and evaluate measures, and helped animal health agencies and the industry to make scientifically sound decisions.


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