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Greenhouse information can be checked in smartphone inexpensively and easily.

- Publication of a remote greenhouse monitoring system "Kayoinougyo1 Shien2 System" configuration manual -

NARO has published a manual for the reference of installation of "the remote greenhouse monitoring system". The "Kayoinougyo Shien System" is a remote monitoring system that allows the user/farmer to check agriculture information on smartphone by combining a microcomputer with communication function and a small personal computer. The temperature inside the greenhouse can be checked on a regular basis, and additionally the acquired data can be converted to user friendly forms such as average values and graphs. This system can be installed at a material cost of 20,000 yen. By referring to this manual the system can be installed inexpensively and easily which enables the user to save labor in managing the greenhouse.


In Fukushima's farming resumption area, after the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, some of the farmers commute the greenhouses far from their residence. In addition, their greenhouses and arable lands are often scattered. This has made it difficult for them to physically visit their production sites and obtain agricultural information of each greenhouse.
NARO has been considering the application of smart technologies such as IoT to support agriculture carried out at remote location. Hence, we have developed a remote greenhouse monitoring system named the "Kayoinougyo Shien System" that allows the user to build an inexpensive and simple system instead of operating expensive and highly accurate equipment, and to easily check the status of the greenhouse even from remote locations.
The system can be installed easily by referring the published manual. The material cost for installation is around 20,000 yen, and the maintenance cost is as low as about 1,000 yen a month. In addition to being able to easily check the temperature, humidity, and soil moisture of the greenhouse via smartphone on a regular basis, the user can also check the information necessary for management work such as the maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and average temperature, and the history using graphs.
It is possible to reduce the frequency of actual visits by famers for greenhouse management and reduce patrol time by installing the system.
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1 - Kayoinougyo
"Kayoinougyo" is a term used to describe that the farmers commute from their place of refuge or residences far from their farms to the area where farming has restarted.
2 - Shien
"Shien" means "support" in Japanese.

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