Public Lecture


Enzymatic peeling of citrus fruits
-How to create an instagenic fruit dessert-


Dr. Masaki NOGUCHI
Senior Researcher
Department of Collaboration and Public Relations, NARO


There are several ways of peeling or removal of skin of citrus fruits. In this lecture, we will demonstrate the process of peeling citrus fruits using enzymes. When citrus fruits are peeled with a knife, the surface usually have an irregular appearance. However, with the enzymatic method of peeling, the fruit surface will have a smooth appearance and the shape of the whole fruit is retained. and possible to expand processing applications widely This lecture is recommended for people working in fruit stands, coffee shops, and the food processing industry. There will be actual demonstration of the process of enzymatic peeling with a variety of citrus fruits. We will also introduce the features and practical application of this method including the possibility of deploying it in new business ventures.


Special mention:

This lecture will be held as a joint lecture forum with the Japan Senior Venture Support Organization (J-SCORE). Please check here for further details Guide brochure (in Japanese) [PDF: 358.1 KB].

Date and Time

July 7, 2018 (Sat) 13:30~17:00

Participation Fee

General participation fee is 1500 yen. (Please refer the J-SCORE website for further details)

How to apply

Please apply through the J-SCORE website


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