NARO Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science (NIVTS)

Research Projects

113:Development of vegetable and upland crop rotation systems and new varieties for industrial markets (Vegetable and Upland Crop Rotation System)

141:Development of an innovative production system in greenhouse horticulture ( Greenhouse Horticultural Production System)

142:Development of an innovative production system for fruit trees and tea

151:Integrated management of soil fertility and plant nutrition for sustainable production

  • 151a1:Soil management based on efficient use of nutrients in soil and resources by using new methods

152:Development of an integrated pest management system

153:Development of sustainable agricultural systems and organic farming

180:Development of technologies for improving food safety and ensuring food reliability for consumers

310:Elucidation of functions of agricultural products and foods and development of a provision system for obtaining reliable information

330:Development of an integrated process of distribution and processing for value-added agricultural products and foods

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