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Exhibition of the latest research

Research institutes conduct various research projects on agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and the environment. Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall exhibits recent research, focusing on six agricultural research fields, as well as forestry and fisheries. There is also a special exhibition on the intimate relationship between the soil, insects and agriculture.

Research of Stable Food Supply System

There are panels about Highly Productive Crop Rotation system, Advanced Farming and Management system , Agricultural Mechanization, Farm Management, Sustainable Agricultural Production System, New varieties of Rice, Wheat and Soybean

R&D to produce Added-Value Products

In this section there are panels about Food Safety, Processing, Distribution, Health-promoting functions of foos, High Quality Agricultural Producs, fruits & Tea, Vegetables, Greenhouse horticulture (Veg/Flower)

Useful Technologies to Stimulate New Industries

In this section 【Special Exhibition】Insect corner (Microscopic observation and Insect specimens), Animal. Insect biotechnolgy and Plant biotechnology are displayed.

Adaptation & Mitigation to Climate Change

Panels about Countermeasures for Global Warming by NARO and Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) are displayed here.

Various researchers on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

In this section, panels about Fisheries research, Forestry, rural resource utilization, biomass utilization are displayed.

Post disaster Reconstruction

In this section panels about new technology development to decontaminate agricultural soil and control the transfer of radioactive materials to agricultural crops are displayed.

Big screen

The large screen provides an introduction to NARO's research achievements.

Rest space

Special exhibitions are occasionally mounted in this space.

The 'Rich Plus' tea server

This machine, developed by NARO and the private company HOSHIZAKI CORPORATION, prepares green tea with Benifuki, Saemidori and Yutakamidori cultivars developed by NARO, at their optimum temperatures.

Crop sample garden

There are about 100 different kinds of worldwide crops in this sample garden. This is open from summer to autumn.

Museum of Agricultural Technology Progress

The Japanese people have made longstanding efforts to develop Japanese agriculture, striving for less labor and greater yield. This museum houses an exhibition of the agricultural tools that have been used by farmers in this process.

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