Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall

Tsukuba Agriculture Research Hall showcases research in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.It offers an excellent opportunity to learn how Japanese agriculture developed, and to explore the latest agricultural research in Japan such as Researching about stable food supply system, producing value-added products, etc,.

As part of the Science and Technology Week, various research institutes in Tsukuba open up their facilities to the public around the middle of April every year. The major objective is to provide the general public an overview of what kind of research is being done at various laboratories. The NARO institutes and centers open its doors to the public for two days during the Science and Technology Week, and organizes exhibits, demonstrations, craft-making, special lectures and other activities focusing on agriculture and food research. A NARO Open Day is also scheduled during the summer vacation to allow children to get close to science. This event offers tips and ideas for the children's homework for the summer holidays. Activities include mini-presentations, hands-on experiences etc. focusing on things related to our daily life. Check here for more details about Open day. In spring, around 500 sakura (cherry blossom) trees bloom along the roadside of NARO.