Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution (BRAIN) supports basic research and development based on the research strategies concerning the developments of bio-oriented technologies stipulated by the Japanese government, including "Basic Plan for Agricultural and Fishery Researches," commissioning to universities, national colleges of technologies, and private sector companies.

We, in particular, promote the researches bridging the developments to industrialization and commercialization into consideration; the open-innovation-based researches through technological innovation in the "field of "knowledge" Integration and Innovation"; the researches for conducting the demonstration of innovative technology systems in the production sites; the leading researches to creating next-generation technology systems, while integrating innovative technologies in the different fields, where recently, breakthrough technology developments have been being advanced.

What are bio-oriented technologies?

Bio-oriented technologies are technologies that meet two requirements.

1) Technologies used in the industries depending on the results of biology and biological function such as food and beverage manufacturing industry and cigarettes manufacturing industry

2) Technologies that require investigation and research closely related to the biological function

These technologies include biotechnologies, crop cultivation management, livestock breeding techniques, new materials for improving food processing techniques, and mechatronics.

What kind of tasks does the Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution perform?

  • As a funding body, we call for research subjects and supply research funds to the selected research institutes (consortium, etc.).
  • Moreover, we offer support for the promotion of smooth research progress and spread the results of our commissioned research into society and bridging them to the application of the results.
  • We offer our training courses and consultation services to applicants and other stakeholders who are applying for funding.


※An example of commissioned research (Click image to enlarge)