[Moonshot] The Moonshot International Symposium "Diverse plant genetic resources for future sustainable agriculture" (July 16, 2022)
[Moonshot] Professor Norihide Hinomoto (Kyoto University) presented the IPM Project under the Moonshot R&D to the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) community (May 17, 2022).
[Moonshot] Moonshot R&D Programme was presented to participants of CBD meetings, with a particular focus on Goal 5 (sustainable food supply).
International Symposium - Aiming for DX(Digital Transformation) in Agriculture and Rural Areas through Robots and Data Utilization - held online
BRAIN official website is now available in English (December 20, 2021)
"The 6th Meeting of Japan-EU Joint Committee on Cooperation in Science and Technology" with BRAIN's participation (November 30, 2021)
[Moonshot] [SIP] Agribusiness Creation Fair 2021 (November 24-26, 2021)
Director General Hoshina attends the annual meeting of funding agencies' presidents (September 14, 2021)
[Moonshot] "International webinar on rumen methane suppression" (October 7, 2021)
[Moonshot] "International Seminar on 3D Food Printing Technology" (September 10, 2021)
[SIP] International Smart Food Chain Symposium 2020 held online
[SIP] International Symposium: "Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) "Technologies for Smart Bio-industry and Agriculture""
[SIP] International Smart Food Chain Symposium 2020
[Moonshot] BRAIN decides 10 Project Managers for Moonshot Goal 5
[Moonshot] Public Call for Project Managers of Moonshot R&D Goal 5 (July 20, 2020)
[Moonshot] Project Director appointed for Moonshot Goal 5