Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Detailed Program

NARO-FFTC-MARCO Symposium 2018: Climate Smart Agriculture for the Small-Scale Farmers in the Asian and Pacific Region (27-28 Sep. 2018 @Tsukuba international congress center)

27th Sep. 2018 (Thu)

9:30 Registration, coffee
10:00 Opening ceremony
(Welcome address from NARO, FFTC, MAFF)
10:15 Keynote lecture: Dr. Riyanti Djalante (United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability, Japan)
The Sustainable Development Goals - Climate Change - Human Security: Latest Development in the Asia and Pacific Region
1. Mitigation options for greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural lands in the Asian and Pacific region
(Chair: Hiroko Akiyama and Yasukazu Hosen, NARO)
11:00 Xiaoyuan Yan (Institute of Soil Science, China)
Practices for greenhouse gas mitigation and carbon sequestration for croplands in China
11:30 Kazunori Minamikawa (JIRCAS, Japan)
Feasibility of water management in irrigated rice paddies in Asia
11:50 Group photo
12:00 Lunch
13:20 Chusnul Arif (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)
System of Rice Intensification: An Alternative Mitigation Strategy to Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Paddy Fields in Indonesia
13:40 Eduardo Jimmy P. Quilang (Philippine Rice Research Institute)
Zero Waste Rice-Based Farming System for Small Scale Farmers
14:00 Takashi Osada (NARO)
GHG mitigation techniques in livestock sector Manure management for greenhouse gas mitigation
14:20 Yuhei Hirono (NARO)
Soil and fertilizer management practices for mitigation of N2O emissions from green tea fields in Japan
14:40 Rota Wagai (NARO)
Soil carbon in agricultural lands: current understanding and future directions
15:00 Chi-Ling Chen (Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute)
Application of Agricultural Practices to Increase Soil Carbon Sequestration in Taiwan
15:20 Coffee, poster, networking
2. Mechanisms and impacts of global environmental change on crop production in the Asian and Pacific region
(Chair: Toshihiro Hasegawa and Motoki Nishimori, NARO)
15:50 David Makowski (INRA, France)
Recent modelling methods for predicting the impact of climate change on crop production
16:20 Junhwan Kim (Rural Development Administration, Korea)
National Rice Yield Prediction with Oryza 2000 in South Korea
16:30 Attachai Jintrawet (Chang Mai University, Thailand)
Main Season Fragrant Rice Production Under Climate Change RCP 8.5 Scenario and a Systemic Adaptation to Improve Productivity: A Case of Ubonratchathanee Province, Thailand
16:50 Kwang Soo Kim(Seoul National University, Korea)
Simulation of soil organism population in a paddy rice field using an individual based model
17:10 Yasushi Ishigo-oka(NARO)
Impact of climate change on rice productivity and adaptaion strategy in Japan
17:30 Toshichika Iizumi (NARO)
Improvements to climate change risk assessment in global crop production systems
17:50 Closing Remarks

28th September 2018 (Fri)

3. Adaptation options to reduce vulnerability of agricultural systems to the risks related to climate change in the Asian and Pacific region
(Chair: Akira Miyata and Hidemitsu Sakai, NARO)
9:30 Leocadio Sebastian (CGIAR-CCAFS)
Making the small-scale farmers in Southeast Asia climate smart - the CCAFS R4D thrust
10:00 Maria Victoria Espaldon (University of the Philippines Los Banos)
Harnessing S&T Towards Climate Resilient Farming Communities in the Philippines
10:20 Chwen-Ming Yang (Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute)
Adaptation Strategies and Practices to Adverse Effects from Climate Change: Taiwan's Experience and Inspiration
10:30 Coffee, poster, networking
11:10 Hiroyuki Sato(NARO)
On the Japanese Rice Breeding Research Approach to Adaptation to Global Warming
11:30 Hiroshi Nakano (NARO)
Countermeasures against the occurrence of chalky grain at high temperature during ripening in rice
11:50 Toshihiko Sugiura(NARO)
Three climate change adaptation strategies in fruit production
12:10 Lunch
4. Decision support systems for improving the livelihood of farmers in the Asian and Pacific region under current and future climate scenarios
(Chair: Hiroe Yoshida and Tsuneo Kuwagata, NARO)
14:00 Byong-Lyol Lee (WMO)
Challenges: How to assess implementation strategies for mitigation and adaptation in agroecosystem in terms of sustainability and productivity
14:30 Hideki Kanamaru (FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Thailand)
Climate risks and vulnerability assessment tools in support of policy planning and Climate Smart Agriculture
14:50 Yusuke Takata (NARO)
Web-based soil inventory system and a visualization tool of soil organic carbon in Japan
15:10 Coffee, poster, networking
15:40 Hiroyuki Ohno(NARO) Gridded weather data service and the use for decision support of crop management
16:00 Kei-ichi Hayashi (JIRCAS) Seasonal climate predictions-based decision support system for better rice production in rainfed areas
16:20 Discussion & wrap up
17:00 Closing remarks
17:30 Social gathering