About NARO

The situation surrounding the agriculture and food industry is changing drastically. The new coronavirus pandemic exposed the vulnerability of the food chain and reaffirmed the importance of food security. In addition, there is an urgent need to address the shortage of workers, the decline of local communities, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, and the progress of global warming. Looking at the world, the global food market is expected to grow along with the huge increase in human population, and we are now facing a huge business opportunity to expand exports of agricultural and food products. Read more:

NARO Executive Board

Introduction of NARO Executive Board members and their career profile


Organizational Structure of NARO including headquarters and other research institutes under NARO.


Location and transportation information for NARO (Tsukuba headquarters area).

NARO History

NARO origin, its era as a national research institution, and its history of becoming an independent administrative institution and integration.