The Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO (IAM/NARO) concentrates on applying robotics and ICT to agricultural work by focusing on collaborations with different research fields. Our goal is to achieve improving productivity, labor-saving, reduction of environmental burdens, and commonizing safe agricultural work by R&D of leading edge agricultural machinery and technology.


Formulation of Agricultural Machinery Open API Specification for data linkage that centrally manages agricultural machinery data and realizes efficient agricultural management

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization(NARO) has released various documents such as Application Programming Interface(API) specifications for agricultural machinery and equipment, in order to realize data linkage that is easy for farmers to use at production sites. This is an effort outcome of the "Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Data Management and Utilization Infrastructure Reinforcement Project under Smart Agriculture Comprehensive Promotion Measures Project". This API specification is expected to lead to the realization of data linkage that transcends boundaries between manufacturers and the improvement of the data usage environment for farmers. Read more

Launch of the leaf sweeper that helps to reduce the occurrence of Apple Scab (Infections)

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) conducted joint research with OREC CO.,LTD. and Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center, a local independent administrative institution, on a sweeper for fallen leaves, the source of apple scab infections, and decided to commercialize the leaf sweeper as our research achievement in March 2022. The sweeper attained the removal rate of 80-90% for fallen leaves stuck on the ground after the snowmelt, and it can sweep up at about 30 times more efficient than manual work. Read more

Development of Head Binding Machine for Overwintering Chinese Cabbage

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) in collaboration with Toyo Seiki Co., Ltd., and Saitama Industrial Technology Center have developed a head binding machine for overwintering Chinese cabbage. This machine lightens the head binding work and it also enables the operator to work comfortably and efficiently by himself. The developed machine will be marketed this autumn. Read more