Research and Development (R&D) Activities

  • The overall R&D objectives are to achieve a Japanese agricultural industry that boastsa a high degree of food self-sufficiency and to establish technologies and systems for sustainable, overall growth of agriculture in Japan. R&D to improve productivity and quality of products such as efficient and effective crop rotation for rice production, domestic fodder production for livestock feed, improvement of animal health, and development of high margin horticulture crops.
  • R&D for the farming infrastructure not only includes maintenance and improvement of irrigation and farmland, but also enhancement of the living conditions and the multiple benefits of farming communities in line with rural development.
  • R&D to elevate consumer confidence in food and farm products is focused on food safety, healthy eating, functional foods, quality enhancement and food processing.
  • Fostering and educating the next generation of farmers is based on programs of advanced agriculture technologies and management as well as field training.
  • Managing support programs for applied research by private business as well as basic research by universities and public sector to innovate agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
  • Integrated research to facilitate agricultural mechanization and approval inspection of machinery.