Overview of the industry-academia-government collaboration of NARO

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization or NARO is actively pursuing collaboration with the industry, academia and government sectors in order to create innovation in agriculture and food industry. An overview of the industry-academia-government collaboration of NARO is as follows.

Joint Research

Joint research in basic fields

  • NARO researchers conduct joint research with universities etc. to promote the development of advanced technology seeds.

Research collaboration to promote practical application

  • Research based on technical seeds developed by NARO is promoted in collaboration with public and private enterprises to promote practical application, commercialization and dissemination.
  • To further advance NARO's R&D activities, funded joint research is actively pursued with research fund provided by private enterprises.

Field demonstration of new technologies

  • New technologies and crop varieties developed by NARO are tested in the field to make improvements.
  • Dissemination by allowing the local people and users to try and inspect the technology or crop varieties in the field.

On-site activities for dissemination of technologies

  • Accelerate the dissemination and practical utilization of technologies and varieties developed by NARO by providing technical guidance and organizing exhibitions etc.
  • Organizing tours in the field to demonstrate practical utilization of technologies and varieties.

Collaboration with the administration

  • NARO utilizes competitive funding to promote research and promotes research based on administrative needs of the national government and prefectures.
  • Results are reported to the national and prefectural government for policy making.

Dissemination through public relations activities

  • Aim for timely and appropriate dissemination of information about the technologies and varieties developed by NARO.
  • Promoting consumer awareness and understanding of the technologies and varieties in order to improve the recognition of NARO as a brand.

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