The Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology is pursuing research using artificial intelligence (AI) and the agricultural data collaboration platform, to facilitate the realization of smart agriculture, and contribute in the realization of a super-smart society, "Society 5.0", in the field of agriculture and food.


Development of new AI that can visualize image features

National Agricultural Food Research Organization (NARO), has developed an AI that can visualize the features of images that are the basis of judgment. When this AI is utilized in potato leaf disease diagnosis, it was found that we could diagnosis whether the leaf is healthy or diseased with an accuracy of 95% or more, based on the characteristics of the disease. Since this AI can clarify the basis of judgment, it is safe and reliable for the user. The developed AI is expected to be used in various fields ranging from agriculture, where AI that can explain the basis is required.Read more.

Establishment of a research center for integrating AI and big data infrastructure

As part of a structural reorganization of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), the Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology was established on October 1, 2018. With the aim of promoting the 'smartization' of agriculture and the food industry, external personnel with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) will be appointed to train human resources who will be at the forefront in conduct extensive research towards the realization of smart agriculture using AI technology and big data. Read more.