The Central Region Agricultural Research Center was established as an organization specializing in agricultural research in the Kanto, Tokai, and Hokuriku regions in April 2021, through the reorganization of the former National Agricultural Research Center. The environment surrounding agriculture and farm management in these regions has changed significantly in recent years. Especially for paddy farming, scale expansion and management diversification have proceeded rapidly. In metropolitan suburban areas, such as Kanto and Tokai, stable supply of high-quality vegetables is strongly required by urban consumers. There is also a need to develop low-cost agricultural production technologies for expansion of agricultural exports. To meet the expectations of agriculture and farmars in these regions, the Central Region Agricultural Research Center works on research and technological development and diffusion to provide solutions to problems for agriculture and agricultural management in the regions, for example cutting-edge smart agricultural technologies, and production technologies and plant breeding that are tailored to consumer needs.


A new soft and flaky delicious sweet potato cultivar "Yukikomachi", harvestable even in cool regions

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has developed a new sweet potato cultivar, "Yukikomachi". This cultivar is characterized by good quality with high yield and can be harvested even in cool regions . In order to cope up with the increasing demand and shortage of sweet potatoes in recent years, this cultivar can be expected to be useful for the formation of new production areas in cool regions where economic cultivation of sweet potatoes has been considered difficult. Read more

A new sweet potato cultivar "Amahazuki" earlier supply from August

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has developed a new sweet potato cultivar "Amahazuki" that can be harvested from August. "Amahazuki" is characterized by extremely high sugar content and sticky flesh with excellent taste. Even in early harvest, the outstanding features could be expressed. It is expected that the supply of "Amahazuki" could be shifted earlier from the season of sweet potato i.e. autumn to summer. Read more

Discovery of persistent carbon accumulation in soil by paddy rice cultivation method with deficient amount of potassium fertilizer

Researchers from National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) and Ryukoku University have discovered that persistent carbon, which is difficult to decompose, accumulates in soil during cultivation of high-yielding rice by suppressing the application amount of potassium fertilizer . This finding indicates the possibility of artificially promoting the accumulation of persistent carbon in soil by controlling application of potassium fertilizer to rice and is expected to lead to the development of new measures against global warming.Read more