Research Exchange Forum

Technical Training Programs and Internship

Staff members at experimental research institutes - and those (in Japan and abroad) who are engaged, or will be engaged, in agricultural research or work - can learn to use the relevant technologies.

Commissioned Researcher System

This is a system for accepting staff members working in other organizations that conduct agricultural research (such as national or municipal institutes, universities, private companies) and for providing instruction in experimental research.

Graduate School Partnership

NARO makes agreements with partner universities (University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo, Niigata University, etc.) and provides postgraduate education using NARO’s facilities and human resources.

Joint Research and Agreement Research

This is a system in which other organizations (such as public research institutes, universities, private companies) and NARO carry out cooperative research based on a common theme. In principle, the research costs required for joint research are charged to each. The system of agreement research is applied to research that (it is assumed) will not generate intellectual property to provide a rapid start for the researchers using simple procedures.

Open Labs: Joint Research Facilities for Collaboration

Joint Laboratory Building for the Development of Environmentally Sound Pest Control Technology Research on the development of pest control technologies has been carried out in this Lab. It is equipped with various kinds of microscopes, protein or gene analyzers, closed greenhouses, etc.

Joint Industry/Academic/Government Research and Development Facility for Biomass-Resource Energy Efficient biomass energy conversion technologies have been developed in this Lab. The emphasis is on developing biodiesel fuels.

Joint Laboratory Building for the Development of Budding Technologies The application of technologies used in biology-engineering interdisciplinary research to agricultural research has been developed in this Lab.

It is equipped with mass spectrometers, electron microscopes, a micromachining room, etc.

On-farm Technology Demonstration

With the aim of disseminating a new technology developed by NARO, a researcher who developed the new technology provides on-farm technical guidance (explanatory meetings, lecture meetings, demonstrations, etc.) in response to farmers’ demand.

Farmers who cooperate in experimental research on the farm

NARC certificates as “NARC Research Cooperators” those farmers who cooperate in, and conduct on their own initiative, on-farm demonstration experiments. The new technology will be presented and disseminated to the surrounding area through their demonstration experiments.

Annual Meeting with Key Farmers

An annual meeting has been held to strengthen the relationship between the researchers in NARC and NARO Institute of Crop Science (NICS) and advanced key farmers, who cooperate in promoting research conducted by NARC and NICS and in disseminating technologies developed by NARC and NICS.