Information for Visitors

NARO invites and accepts visiting researchers. Here, we will introduce the information and procedures required for foreign researchers who have decided to stay in Japan and plan to stay.

Before coming to Japan and NARO: Highest priority knowledge and information

What are the indispensable items for living in Japan ...
Please don't forget these Necessities with you!
No one won't say to you, "Huh? Did you come to Japan without knowing that?!", with this information.
Bits of Japanese Knowledge
You can see how you will stay in Japan at a glance from entry to departure!
Guidelines for entry and residence in Japan

Welcome to Japan, Welcome to NARO: Beginning of Stay in Japan

Survival life in Japan begins when you enter Japan. Before research activities at NARO, we will give you, not "Just 3-day trial!," but usefully and meaningfully regional information of NARO institute where you are going to stay.
Access to NARO and Local Living Information