Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO

Animal Breeding Unit

The Animal Breeding Unit is developing the genetic evaluation methods of livestock and poultry for improving quality of product and reducing production cost. The main purpose of the unit is to improve the reliability of the genetic estimates of productivity, longevity, fertility, disease resistance, and durability in dairy cattle, beef cattle and pig. The unit is developing the methods to grasp the genetic character of the livestock population and to estimate the individual genetic ability from the field data by using the population genetics and the quantitative genetics methods. Also the unit is developing methods to apply the massive information of individual DNA typing to estimate the genetic ability with higher reliability. The unit is developing the index for genetic evaluation of feed efficiency and heat resistance, and developing the total production index to improve the lifetime productivity.

Holstein-Japanese Black, Duroc

Unit Leader

Research Topics : Animal breeding, Dairy cattle, Longevity, Heat resistance

Unit Members

Research Topics
Akiko NISHIURA Senior Researcher Energy balance, Dairy cow, Breeding
Motohide NISHIO Senior Researcher Genomic evaluation for cattle and pig.
Toshihiro OKAMURA Researcher Pig, Syrian hamster, Breeding, Lifetime productivity, Disease resistance