Please be aware of suspicious emails using the name of NARO

Updated:November 25, 2020 (Wednesday)

  • Recently, there have been several cases of suspicious emails using the name of NARO, asking the recipient to start their own business. These deceptive emails were reported using "kenkyu-suishin[-O-]".

  • NARO will not send out emails to the public asking to start a business. Please make sure not to open or reply to any of these suspicious emails.

  • The use of the email address: "kenkyu-suishin[-O-]" had been terminated, and it will not be used again by NARO.

  • If you received any suspicious email, delete it completely. Please do not open the email, click on the link, or open the attached files. Deceptive emails may cause serious trouble to your computer and your personal information.

*The above email address uses "[-O-]" instead of "@" to avoid any spam mails.

In case of receiving any suspicious email using the name of NARO, please report through the mail form from Contact Us. We appreciate your cooperation.