Research and development and social implementation of results will be carried out to address various issues centering on plant protection, such as increasing the risk of invasion of new pests and weeds from overseas, reducing the burden on the environment and workers associated with pest and weed control, and pest control in accordance with export partner country standards.


Prediction of 3D position of pests by modelling their flight pattern

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has developed a method to predict the pest flight position. This method can detect the three-dimensional position of flying pests from the image captured by the camera and predicts its movement. It is expected that this research result will contribute to the development of a new pest control system to exterminate pests, such as irradiating a high-power laser at the predicted position.
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Development of new detection and identification technology for Diaporthe destruens

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has developed a new technology to detect and identify Diaporthe destruens causing foot rot disease of sweet potatoes. It is possible to distinguish and identify a related fungal species of the Diaporthe batatas that causes dry rot disease of sweet potatoes. In recent years, the outbreak of foot rot disease has been confirmed and caused widespread damage in Japan. This newly developed technology has provided a quick and accurate diagnosis of foot rot disease. This contributes to prevention of widespread of damage caused by disease by means of quick and accurate diagnosis of foot rot disease.
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A series of SOPs for fruit tree spider mite control system with natural enemies as core is published (apple edition / Japanese pear edition / fundamental & reference edition)

The Agricultural and Food Business 28022C Consortium represented by National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) have established a new practical pest control system of fruit trees with more effective use of natural enemies of spider mites. This control system is called "wten(dabuten)"* control system and uses the appropriate combination of two natural enemy utilization techniques such as conservation of indigenous natural enemies, and release of commercialized natural enemies. NARO has published three Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on NARO website to promote the popularization of this control system; the first SOP deals with explanations of the fundamentals, the second and third SOPs specialize in apple and pear production, respectively.
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