13th Midori Academic Prize 2019

Updated:May 7, 2019 (Tuesday)

Dr. Masahiro Yano, Principal Researcher, Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology, NARO (RCAIT/NARO) has been chosen as a recipient of the 13th Midori Academic Prize. The prize is awarded by the Prime Minister to individuals in Japan with outstanding academic achievements in the fields related to "green" science such as researchers on plants, forests, greenery, ecology, landscaping or nature conservation, and development of related technologies. By recognizing these achievements, the prize aims to deepen understanding of the importance of greening, forest conservation, ecology etc. among the public.

Dr. Yano won this year's prize in recognition of his achievements on analysis of the rice genome information and applications in crop improvement.

The awarding ceremony was held at the Cabinet Office in Tokyo on April 26, 2019. Details are available at (in Japanese).