NARO-WUR Joint International Symposium 2020 "Research Initiatives toward Future Agriculture and Food Industry" Overview (online event)

Release date : November 20, 2020 (Friday)

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An online international symposium, "Research Initiatives toward Future Agriculture and Food Industry" will be held on December 8th, co-sponsored by NARO, Japan and Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands.

In Part 1, Japanese researchers will speak about the adoption of challenging research strategies that entirely differ from conventional approaches and which will trigger innovation in the agriculture and food industries within 30 years by resolving difficult societal issues while bringing together the wisdom of researchers from all over the world.

Part 2 focuses on "Directions of future animal science research." Researchers from the Netherlands and Japan present development trends and research strategies in animal science where innovative technologies are mostly developed as "New smart animal science" to achieve both productivity improvements in livestock products and enhanced global environmental conservation.

Towards the achievement of Carbon Neutrality in 2050, we discuss ideal modes of international collaboration to achieve strengthened competitiveness on the part of the food and agricultural sectors and improvements to agricultural productivity and environmental conservation on a global scale through a combination of disruptive innovation and sustainable innovation.

Aims of the Symposium

  • Presentations on research strategies to accelerate progress toward Society 5.0
  • Presentations on research strategies towards the adoption of disruptive innovations that aim to balance increased global food production with enhanced environmental conservation.
  • Presentation on cutting-edge technologies for food and agriculture centering on Smart agricultural technology from Japan and the Netherlands
  • Discussions on international research collaboration contributing to governmental policy and the accomplishment of the SDGs


December 8th, 2020
- [the Netherlands, UTC+1]
- [Japan, UTC+9]






  • National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO, Japan)
  • Wageningen University and Research (WUR, the Netherlands)


No charge


500 participants


Registration deadline

December 7th, 2020 December 3rd, 2020

For inquiries

NARO International Relations Section
Tel: +81 (0) 29-838-7944


NARO-WUR Joint International Symposium 2020:
Research Initiatives toward Future Agriculture and Food Industry

Date: December 8th, 2020
8:30-11:55 [the Netherlands, UTC+1], 16:30-19:55 [Japan, UTC+9]
Venue: Online (Live or Pre-recorded Video)
Language: English
Organizers: NARO and WUR

* Please note that the program is subject to change without notice.

NL Time

JP Time



Opening Ceremony:

Mr. Frederik Vossenaar, Special Envoy, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality the Netherlands Government

Dr. Louise O. Fresco, President, WUR

Keynote Speech:

Dr. Kazuo KYUMA, President, NARO

[Provisional] "NARO's research and development strategy towards the growth of agriculture and food industries and environmental conservation" WH (Wouter) Hendriks, Dean of Research, WUR

" WUR Strategic Research "

Part 1. Balancing food production and environmental conservation on a global scale
- Creating Disruptive Innovation by 2050

  • Dr. Makoto MITSUMORI, NARO
    "Development of innovative feeding technology to significantly reduce methane emissions from dairy cows and enhance their productivity "
  • Dr. Masao ISHIMOTO, NARO
    "Development of crop design technology for full utilization of potentially-useful bioticfunctions in plant"
  • Dr. Masaya MATSUMURA, NARO
    [Provisional] "NARO's research into insect pest control: Creation of an industry that enables a sustainable global food supply by 2050 by exploiting unused biological resources"
    "Digital Design of Tasty & Healthy Meals Made from "Food Loss": Food Creation using 3D-AI Food Printers"
    "Research initiatives to maintain human health through diet: Analysis of health data from 1,000 healthy Japanese people"


Part 2. Directions of future animal science research
- Smart livestock farming that balances productivity improvement and environmental protection

Session 1

"Insect-derived protein feed"

Dr. ing. Teun Veldkamp, WUR

"Research and development for utilization of insects as animal feed"

Session 2

"Greenhouse gas reduction by livestock excrement management"

ir. Luuk Gollenbeek, WUR

"Co-composting of cow manure and corn stover for more sustainable dairy farming in Hokkaido, Japan"

Session 3

"Reduction of ruminants-derived greenhouse gases and improvement of animal productivity"

Dr. ir. Karin Groenestein, WUR

Dr. Tomoyuki SUZUKI, NARO
"Potential for mitigating enteric methane emissions from cattle in Japan"

Session 4

"Smart dairy farming with a view of animal welfare"

Ing. Kees Koning, WUR

Dr. Kenichi YAYOU, NARO
"Mechanical brush usage by calves separated from their dams immediately after birth"

Wrap-up discussion of the session

Wrap-up discussion of the session

Wrap-up discussion of the session

Wrap-up discussion of the session

Overall wrap-up based on a summary of each session's wrap-up

Part 2 Closing remarks:
Dr. ir. JT (Jeroen) Dijkman, Managing Director of Animal Science Group, WUR


Closing remarks of Symposium :
Dr. Atsuro MATSUDA, Vice-President in charge of International collaboration, NARO