NFRI at the Asia-Pacific Tea Expo 2016

Release date : October 13, 2016 (Thursday)

The 2016 Asia-Pacific Tea Expo (APTE 2016) was held at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taiwan on September 29 to October 2, 2016. The theme of this conference is "Innovation - Tea Industry in Taiwan". Distinguished experts, speakers and representatives who are luminaries in their respective fields gave presentations on specific topics. There were plenary talks, ora and poster poster presentations, hands-on experience of tea products, and some creative competitions. Participants exchanged their viewpoints and shared experience in the aforementioned field to work out an effective solution of tea industry and future trend in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr. Mari Maeda-Yamamoto, Director of Food Function Division, Institute of Food Research, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) participated and presented a lecture on the topic "Anti-allergic action of 'Benifuuki' green tea rich in O-methylated EGCG and the use of new food functional labeling system in Japan"