Public Lecture


Development of 100% rice flour bread and commercialization of home bakery


Dr. Hiroyuki YANO
Food Resource Utilization Unit Leader
Division of Food Processing and Distribution Research
Institute of Food Research, NARO


NARO has developed a recipe for 100% rice flour bread using basic ingredients such as rice flour, water, dry yeast, sugar, salt, and butter or vegetable oil. So how does the dough rise without gluten or food tickening agent? We have clarified the mechanism similar to "facial cleansing foam" in collaboration with Hiroshima University. Also in collaboration with Tiger Corporation, we have developed a home bakery that can be easily used at home to bake this bread. In this lecture, we will introduce the background of our research and the new home bakery products released last autumn.



June 9, 2018(Sat)10:00~11:00

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