Public Lecture


Food and eating properties


Dr. Kaoru Kohyama
Unit Leader, Food Physics and Functions Research
Division of Food Function Research
Institute of Food Research, NARO


The main theme of this lecture is to explore food properties that can provide happiness while eating. In the food development, it is important to accurately evaluate the processability of agricultural products, physicochemical properties of food materials, quality and texture of food and dishes at the stage where they can be actually consumed. For this there are various evaluation techniques from basic to applied, traditional to cutting edge, such as instrumental analysis of the mechanical properties, eating sensation evaluation by humans during ingestion etc. New methods for evaluation of food texture will be introduced in this lecture.


Special mention

This lecture will be held as a joint lecture forum with the Japan Senior Venture Support Organization (J-SCORE). Please check here for further details Guide brochure(japanese) [PDF: 163.1 KB].

Date and Time

March 17, 2018 (Sat) 13:30~17:00
(Lecture starts at 13:45)

Participation Fee

General participant fee is 2,000 yen
(Please refer the J-SCORE website for further details)

How to apply

Please apply through the J-SCORE website (
(Limited to 40 participants)


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