Public Lecture


Controlling insects and diseases by ultrasonic waves
~ Environmentally friendly agriculture by reducing pesticide usage ~


Dr. Takanobu YOSHIDA
Crop Cultivation Management Unit Leader
Department of Crop Production Machinery and System
Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO


As an alternative for pesticide, we have developed a new control technique using ultrasonic wave as a physical stimulus. Ultrasonic waves of about 120 dB and 40 kHz, can significantly reduce the damage caused by noctuids such as Eudocima tyrannus which is a common pest of fruit trees. Furthermore, irradiation of seedlings of rice, tomato and strawberry with ultrasonic waves can control diseases induced by rice blast, wilting tomato and strawberry mildew and hence it is expected as an efficient environment-friendly pest control technology.


Special mention

This lecture will be held as a joint lecture forum with the Japan Senior Venture Support Organization (J-SCORE). Please check here for further details Guide brochure(japanese) [PDF: 163.1 KB].

Date and Time

Sep 16, 2017 (Sat) 13:30~17:00
(Lecture starts at 13:45)

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General participant fee is 2,000 yen
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