NARO/HARC International Seminar on Molecular Biology for Stress Tolerances in Rice and Upland Crops

Updated:October 31, 2014 (Friday)


October 29-30, 2014


Hokkaido Citizens Actives Center (Sapporo)


An international seminar on stress tolerances in rice and upland crops was held at Sapporo during 29-30 October, 2014. The purpose of the seminar was to promote international research collaboration on enhancements of stress tolerances in crops plants among three countries including Japan, China and Korea through presenting the current achievements and exchanging ideas.

The seminar was arranged to be held just after the "The 7th East Asia Crop Science Seminar" hosted by NARO Institute of Crop Science. Papers on low-temperature stress tolerances, disease resistances, and drought tolerances in rice and soybean were presented, followed by intensive discussions in each session. On October 30, the participants visited the HOKKAIDO-Chuo Station, National Center for Seeds and Seedlings to see virus-free potato seed production technology in Japan.

Welcome address by Director General, Dr. Kadowaki

Presentation in scientific session

Field trip to the National Center for Seeds and Seedlings