Tsukuba Conference 2019 - Towards the Realization of Society 5.0 in Agriculture and Food Production-

Updated:October 18, 2019 (Friday)

Tsukuba Conference 2019, a new forum for talented young leaders from industry, government and academia worldwide, was held on October 2-4, 2019 to discuss how science, technology and innovation contribute to achieving Society 5.0 and SDGs. NARO organized one of sessions mainly focussing on the development of AI and IoT technology for solving various problems in agriculture and food production.

Due to aging population of farmers we are losing valuable technologies based on the experiences and expertise of farmers. Therefore, it is immediately required to adjust the agricultural system according to the acute climate change and AI and IoT technologies for agriculture should be established as soon as possible. As a concrete example for such technologies, main speakers introduced their latest research including WAGRI, an agricultural data collaboration platform, and smart food value chain system. Their presentation titles were as follows:
1. Dr. Yoshito Yuyama (NARO): Society 5.0 and SDGs in Agriculture and Food Production.
2. Dr. Nobusuke Iwasaki (NARO): Necessity and Expectation of AI in Agricultural Field.
3. Dr. Takehiko Yamanaka (NARO): Smartification in Agricultural Pest Management.
4. Dr. Junichi Yonemaru (NARO): "Smart Breeding", data-driven crop improvement contributes the realization of Society 5.0 for SDGs.

Furthermore, Prof. Tofael Ahamed (University of Tsukuba) presented a lecture mainly focusing about agricultural machinery automation. The most important opinion from the audience was that these technologies could be meaningless if they are expensive for the poor farmers. NARO scientists agreed and ensured to make the outcome of their research widely spread all over the world, especially for the developing countries.

This session also provided poster presentations and introduced MIDORI Academic Prize awarded to Dr. Masahiro Yano (NARO). The titles of poster presentations were as follows:
1. 1-km Grid Square "Agro-Meteorological Grid Square Data (AMGSD)".
2. Supporting Agriculture Industry to Deal with Global Warming and Other Climate Changes in Robust Manner.
3. Controlling Migratory Insect Pests - Migration Analysis, Prediction Technique and International Collaboration -
4. A Challenge for Global Crop Forecasting.
5. New Technology for Pest Control: Recruitment of Natural Enemies to Crops.

Finally, Dr. Yuyama, the representative of NARO, declared that NARO will contribute to achievement of SDGs through the realization of Society 5.0 in agriculture and food production by various cooperation.

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