NFRI researchers attend NFRI-KFRI Bilateral Symposium on Food Science.

Updated:September 5, 2013 (Thursday)


Seoul (South Korea)


Dr. Toshio Ohtani Director-General, NFRI
Dr. Mari Maeda-Yamamoto Director, Food Function Division, NFRI
Dr. Hitoshi Nagashima Director, Food Safety Division, NFRI
Dr. Mayumi Kameyama Director, Analytical Science Division, NFRI
Dr. Hiroshi Nabetani Director, Food Engineering Division, NFRI
Dr. Yoshiaki Kitamura Director, Applied Microbiology Division, NFRI



July 4-5, 2013


NFRI researchers attended NFRI-KFRI bilateral symposium and gave following presentation. Dr. Toshio Ohtani, Director-General: “Introduction of NFRI”, Dr. Mari Maeda-Yamamoto, Director, Food Function Division: “Current status of food function research in NFRI and possibility of bilateral collaboration”, Dr. Hitoshi Nagashima, Director, Food Safety Division: “Fusarium mycotoxins, toxicology and derivatives”, Dr. Mayumi Kameyama, Director, Analytical Science Division: “The activity of analytical science division”, Dr. Hiroshi Nabetani, Director, Food Engineering Division: “Research topics at food engineering division in NFRI”, Dr. Yoshiaki Kitamura, Director, Applied Microbiology Division: “Outline of research topics on the field of biotechnology and applied microbiology in NFRI”.


Dr. Ohtani

Dr. Maeda-Yamamoto

Dr. Nagashima

Dr. Kameyama

Dr. Nabetani

Dr. Kitamura

NFRI-KFRI Bilateral Symposium on Food Science