Compact bunching onion varieties suitable for summer and spring cultivation

Updated:December 19, 2016 (Monday)


  • The NARO has successfully developed compact bunching onion varieties, namely, 'Koiwarabe' and 'Suzuwarabe' that can be stably cultivated from spring to summer.
  • The variety 'Koiwarabe' is characterized by extremely late bolting, hence it is possible to get the stable production from April to June. On the other hand, variety 'Suzuwarabe' grows vigorously even in high summer temperature from July to September. The shape is well maintained and product yield is excellent.
  • Both cultivars are of shorter length as compared with other common bunching onion varieties such as varieties 'Haruogi' and 'Natsuogi 3 go'. The white part of the bunching onion in both cultivars tends to thicken faster and hence it is suitable for the compact shipping in a size of about 20 cm shorter than the common varieties of green onions. The green part is rather soft and a little pungent. These characteristics make the entire product edible and suitable for various cooking preparations.
  • These compact bunching onions are easy to carry while shopping and can be easily stored in the refrigerator. They are attracting attention because they are easy to use particularly for small households. By combining these varieties with already available varieties such as 'Fuyuwarabe' (winter variety) or 'Yumewarabe' ( autumn / winter variety), it is possible to establish a stable supply of compact bunching onions in the market throughout the year
  • Both varieties 'Koiwarabe' and 'Suzuwarabe' will be registered for patenting and will be commercially available from seed companies.

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