NARO-FFTC International Workshop 2023
Developing Low-Carbon Farming for Smallholders in the Asia-Pacific Region: Mitigation Potential and Challenges

Release date : September 19, 2023 (Tuesday)

2023 Poster

NARO organizes an international workshop together with Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region (FFTC), an international organization located in Taiwan. Register yourself and mark your calendar today!


10:00 - 18:25 on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023
10:30 - 17:40 on Wednesday, October 18th, 2023


Online-Onsite Hybrid
GIS Taichung Xinwuri Convention Center:
No. 26, Gaotie E. 1st Rd., Wuri District, Taichung City, Taiwan


Agriculture can be part of the solutions to climate change mitigation, which aims to reduce greenhouse gases. Because it can be costly, low-carbon farming incentives need to outweigh the setup, maintenance, and other costs to make economic sense for small-scale farmers to support their multi-benefit actions.
Based on the importance of "On-Site Implementation" recognized through the discussion at NARO-FFTC International Symposium on Climate Change and Food System held in Tsukuba in October 2022, in this following annual workshop, we share experiences and approaches in developing and encouraging the adoption of technologies suitable for smallholder low-carbon farming and livestock systems to realize low-carbon agricultural and livestock systems in the Asian and Pacific region.

Reference: NARO-FFTC International Symposium 2022


Collaboratively organized by FFTC, three Taiwan's Ministry of Agriculture's affiliated research organizations: Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Taiwan Livestock Research Institute (TLRI) and Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station (TNDARES), and the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) of Japan.


Opening Ceremony: Organizers including Dr. KYUMA Kazuo, President of NARO

Session 1: Reduce GHG Emissions from crop fields and livestock
Session 2: Increase Soil Carbon Sequestration
Session 3: Smart Agriculture toward Net Zero with the focus on digital solutions
Session 4: Panel discussion - Approaches to increased farmers' incentives to adopt low-carbon practices; J-credit, carbon credit, carbon financing, MRV

Language: English
For more details, please see the attached program and the workshop website.


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Onsite by September 30, 2023
Online by 6 pm on October 6, 2023 (JST)

Note for ONLINE participants:
You will receive an email with a meeting room Link on October 6 before the event.

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