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NARO-WUR Workshop in the Netherlands

A joint workshop was organized by Wageningen University and Research Center (WUR) and NARO on February 12-13, 2019 at the WUR campus in the Netherlands. The workshop was aimed at strengthening the research collaboration and facilitating potential research projects under the public-private partnerships (PPP) policy being implemented at WUR. The NARO delegation included Vice-President Dr. Atsuro Matsuda, Dr. Nobutaka Nakamura (NARO Institute of Food Research), Dr. Ryo Sugiura (Research Center for Agricultural Information Technology) and Dr. Kazuhisa Goto (WUR/NARO Liaison Scientist). The workshop was also facilitated by Dr. Arjo Rothuis (WUR Account Manager Asia) and Dr. Rick van de Zedde (WUR Senior Scientist / Business Developer), who also organized a tour of WUR facilities on postharvest, greenhouse horticulture, and drone research.