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NARO promoted the research outcomes at G20 Niigata Agriculture Ministers' Meeting

G20 Niigata Agriculture Ministers' Meeting took place at Toki Messe, Niigata City on May11-12, 2019. NARO displayed the research outcomes of Smart Agriculture utilizing ICT, Estimation of crop yield, Biological based disease and pest control/Biodiversity evaluation and New materials at the meeting venue.
Niigata City introduced its Smart Agriculture Demonstration Projects at the field tour after the meeting and NARO supported the demonstration of the autopilot rice transplanter. Field tour participants including agricultural ministers of G20 and guest countries as well as heads of international organizations shot the pictures of transplanter in work.

Elementary school students - reporters
receiving the explanation of new material
(flourescent silk) of biological origin
Participants eagerly looking at
the research results (UN Food and Agriculture
Organization Director - General Jose Graziano)
Demonstration of the autopilot rice transplantar
Participant capturing the transplanting operation