Singapore Health Promotion Board Delegation

A delegation from the Singapore Health Promotion Board including Mr. Zee Young Kang (CEO), Dr. Annie Ling (Director of Policy Research & Surveillance), Ms. Choo Lin (Deputy Director of Policy & Strategy Development), Mr. Terence Ng (Deputy Director of Policy & Strategy Development), Ms. Ann Low (Deputy Director of Healthy Food & Dining), Dr. Eunice Pang (Assistant Director of Policy & Strategy Development) and Ms. Seah Peak Ching (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority) visited the Food Research Institute, NARO (NFRI) on February 27, 2018 as part of a study tour to get an overview of the current status of functional food research and regulatory framework in Japan. The delegation had discussions with Dr. Toshio Ohtani (VP for Research Promotion III), Dr. Yoshinori Hasegawa (ABIC), Dr. Mayumi Kameyama (Director of NFRI Dept. of Planning and General Administration), Dr. Mari Maeda-Yamamoto (Director of Food Function Research) and Dr. Yuko Ishikawa (Functional Food Factor Unit Leader).