Research Center for Advanced Analysis, NARO

Bioactive Chemical Analysis Unit

We develop and analyze the evaluation technologies for functional ingredients and chemical hazards in agricultural products and foods using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometer (MS). Six NMR instruments are operated, ensuring for stable operation by recovering and reusing helium, and responsible for various needs from routine analysis (400 MHz) to special experiments using high-field apparatus (800 MHz). As a research center for NMR metabolomics (500 MHz, 700 MHz) and MRI microimaging (400 MHz WB), we will also work on automating sample preparation and analysis in cooperation with RCAIT. We also respond to measurement request and remote use of equipment to the private sector that require our research results and know-how of equipment operation. In addition, we cooperate with regulatory science research in response to administrative demands and analyze trace hazardous chemical substances such as mycotoxins.