Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, NARO

Division of Biomaterial Sciences

The Division of Biomaterial Sciences aims to contribute to the creation of the medical and healthcare industry by developing high-value-added biological materials.
In the medical and healthcare field, accelerating research and development through the utilization of cutting-edge biotechnology is expected to lead to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods using new technologies. Simultaneously, greater efficiency and cost reduction in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals are also required. In the development of pharmaceuticals, it is also necessary to significantly reduce animal testing from the viewpoint of animal welfare. Furthermore, it is also important to adapt to the field of regenerative medical research, which is expected to grow significantly in the future.
We aim to achieve efficient production of useful biological materials utilizing the specific biological functions of desiccation-tolerant organisms, construction of an epoch-making technology base that enables storage at room temperature, construction of a cell culture model using collagen vitrigel to accelerate the development of drug discovery and treatment methods and reduce animal experiments, utilization base of model pigs in which human cells useful for regenerative medicine can be transplanted, development of biopharmaceuticals, development of alternative methods for animal experiments, creation of high value-added biological materials and development of utilization technology to provide a platform for regenerative medical research


MIKAWA Satoshi

Research Group