Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, NARO

Genome Editing Technology Group

Genome editing technology is an excellent way of modifying specific sequences on a gene of interest and is rapidly developing as a new breeding method of crop. This technology is expected to be further improved in order to respond to a diverse need of breeding in the near future.
Genome editing technology group is making an effort to expand applicable use of the genome editing as follows.
1) A precise genome editing technology which enables pinpoint nucleotide modification.
2) Application of various novel editing enzymes which have been developed in Japan.
3) A method for multiple modification of crop genome which shorten the time of breeding process.
We are also 4) exploring a critical genome region to control an agricultural trait of crops using informatics and trying to edit the region for a precise regulation of gene expression.
Integrating all our works, we establish an efficient and Japan-oriented genome editing system in order to accelerate crop breeding in Japan.