Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, NARO

Insect Control Technology Group

Pest control is an essential technology to maintain stable food production. However, pest control that relies mainly on chemical pesticides may lead to the emergence of pesticide-resistant insects and ecological destruction. In order to achieve both stable food production and sustainable agriculture with reduced environmental impacts, it is imperative to develop "environmentally friendly" pest control technologies targeting only specific pests or pest control technologies that make full use of the functions of microorganisms and plants. In Insect Control Technology Group, we conduct the following research.

  • To develop new pesticides targeting specific pests with low impact on other ecosystems, we are developing candidate compounds targeting specific proteins of pests and developing innovative pest control technologies targeting specific genes of pests using RNA interference. We are promoting these projects in cooperation with private companies
  • In order to develop new pest control technology that can be used in organic agriculture or the agriculture with reduced agrochemicals, we are promoting the development of "environmentally friendly" pest control technology that regulates pest reproduction and behavior by making the most of the functions of microorganisms and plants.