Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, NARO

Insect Design Technology Group

Insects are one of the largest unutilized resources. We are aiming to make beneficial insects with modified functions and added value, and to realize corrosive insects as a protein substitute for fish meal. To analyze useful traits using genomic information and AI, and to develop insect breeding technology and function utilization technology using such information, we will mainly proceed with the following projects.

  • Elucidation of superior traits and development of advanced technologies for utilization of scavenger insects
    To cope with the "global protein crisis", we will develop technologies to maximize the value of using saprophagous insects (scavenger) as an alternative source of animal proteins for food or animal industry and aquaculture feeds.
  • Development of next-generation target genome editing technology and functional modification of beneficial insects
    Pollinators and predators, which are important insects for agriculture, have been used almost wild. We will develop technology to modify target genes pinpoint and add high value to these insects by using genome editing.
  • Identification of valuable genes in insects by using comprehensive genome and transcriptome data
    We will identify valuable genes not only in beneficial insects such as pollinators and silk insects but also in insect pests by using AI and bioinformatics with comprehensive genome and transcriptome data. The valuable genes will help to improve useful functions in the beneficial insects by using genome editing technology.