Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO

Meat Animal Biosystems Group

As of April 2021, Meat Animal Biosystems Group has been launched by specialists of animal genetics, livestock production, and meat product. We are working on following three issues:
(1) Develop a novel breeding strategy by improving livestock breeding methods.
(2) Establish a feeding management technology enabling production of high-quality meat, at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
(3) Create a breeding method for pigs with excellent heat resistance that enables stable production throughout the year.
To reach our goal, we aim to develop a data-driven livestock breeding schemes using statistical models to accurately predict the ability of livestock production. Additionally, for pigs, we investigate techniques to mitigate disadvantage generated by environmental factors such as heat stress and develop evaluation methods for pork production that take the heat stress into consideration.
Therefore, we are enthusiastic to find out useful information for improving livestock production and meat quality through the analysis of genes, genomes and metabolites in detail for livestock, to develop a livestock feeding model for the sustainable production system and to enhance the opportunity for the producers to export high-quality meat that meets diverse consumer tastes.
Finally, we try to create the feeding management technology that controls meat quality applicable for requirement of various types of consumers by utilizing meat quality indexes and genetic evaluation values. To advance the feeding management technology that achieves both high-quality meat production and environmental protection, we extensively investigate the relationship between feed nutrition composition and digestibility / nitrogen balance in fattening cattle.