Institute for Rural Engineering, NARO


Thank you for visiting the official website of the Institute for Rural Engineering, NARO (NIRE).

NARO is committed to advancing "Society 5.0" in the agri-food sector with the aim to:

(1) Ensure the stable supply of agricultural products and food and increase food self-sufficiency rates.
(2) Boost the global competitiveness of Japan's agriculture and food industry.
(3) Enhance agricultural productivity whilst conserving the global environment.

Since 2021, under the fifth medium-to-long-term plan, NIRE has been focusing on "enhancing the production base through digitalization of agricultural infrastructure." Our R&D efforts address a range of issues affecting the agricultural community and its infrastructure. These include mitigating environmental impact via localized production and consumption energy systems that leverage local resources, reducing damage from increasingly frequent and severe torrential rains and earthquakes, and addressing the deterioration of agricultural irrigation facilities. As part of our approach to societal implementation, we champion the use of digital technology and platforms.

To address challenges in agriculture and rural communities, it is essential to generate and implement innovative solutions. Consequently, collaboration among diverse sectors - including producers, land improvement districts, administrative agencies, research institutes, universities, and private companies - is necessary. Clear goal-setting and collaborative research and development are vital to this process.

NIRE is committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to develop technologies, ensuring we meticulously consider current user demands. We will strive to sustainably demonstrate the performance required by these technologies in real-world settings.

We sincerely hope for your continued understanding and support for NIRE in the future.

Institute for Rural Engineering, NARO