Institute for Rural Engineering, NARO

Abrasion measurement system for agricultural irrigation canal is upgraded

-Operability is renewed and easier to handle-

In 2013, the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) has developed a device to measure the abrasion amount on the surface of agricultural irrigation canals with high accuracy. Now we have created an analysis program that significantly reduce the time and effort required to calculate the abrasion amount. Additionally, the measuring device is modified to compact size and field work is streamlined. As a result, we have succeeded in the renewal of evaluating the abrasion amount. This technology enables us to monitor the abrasion more easily and introduction of rational maintenance in more waterways is expected to progress.


The deteriorated agricultural irrigation canals will be repaired to achieve long life. Abrasion surveys are conducted to quantitatively evaluate changes over time in agricultural irrigation canals after repairs. NARO has developed methods for abrasion evaluation and highly accurate abrasion measuring devices. The amount of abrasion is evaluated by installing a fixed gauge point such as stainless steel and measuring the distance from the same gauge point to the material surface over time. However, since the measuring device was developed by NARO for research purpose, the device configuration was complicated and difficult to handle for common people. Therefore, we reviewed the components of the device to make it more compact and reduced the weight of the entire device to 7 kg (about half of the conventional one). In addition, the measurement and analysis programs are equipped with a function that automatically performs post-measurement analysis and a function that suppresses measurement errors.

The popularization of this technology enables the staff of national, prefectural, and land improvement districts, as well as the staff of consulting companies who carry out surveys on consignment, to monitor the amount of abrasion with high accuracy and easily. Also, by accumulating abrasion data in many waterways, it will be possible to develop new repair materials that are less likely to abrade and advanced deterioration prediction technology, which is expected to lead to further extension of the life of agricultural irrigation canals. This device can be provided to the government upon request.

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