Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, NARO


In the Tohoku region, rice production utilizing the vast paddy fields and vegetable production utilizing the cool climate are thriving. However, the environment surrounding agriculture in Tohoku region is changing drastically due to the rapid decrease in the number of farmers, expansion of farm management, decline in rice consumption, increase in imported agricultural products, and climate change. Even though the reconstruction of the areas affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster has made great progress over the past 10 years, the resumption of farming has been delayed in some areas, and the situation before the disaster has not been restored.

The Tohoku Agricultural Research Center is working to solve the problems faced by agriculture in the Tohoku region. In the 5th medium- to long-term plan, which started from April 2021, we will work towards the promotion of resumption of farming in the areas affected by the nuclear power plant disaster, construction of a highly profitable paddy rotation system, development of production stabilization technology in paddies consolidated parcels in hilly and mountainous areas, the development of stable vegetable production technology for year-round supply etc.

In addition, as a core institution for agricultural research in the Tohoku region, we will continue to promote efficient research and development in collaboration with public agricultural research institutes, universities, and users in each prefecture of Tohoku. We will strengthen the cooperation with the Tohoku Regional Agricultural Administration Office, the Prefectural Governments of Tohoku region, Agricultural Improvement extension centers, etc., as well as with the advanced farmers , Food companies, consumer etc. in the region with the aim of disseminating the our research achievements widely.