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Chikugo City

Chikugo City is a rural city, located in the center of Chikugo plain, the largest plain in Kyushu. It is about 45 minutes by train and about one hour by car on the Kyushu Expressway from Fukuoka City. Cultivation of rice, barley, weeds, pears and tea, etc., has been flourishing since long years taking advantage of warm climate, fertile land and rich water. Pears, rush and soybeans in particular have received the Emperor's Cup Award, while tea has received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award. On the banks of Yabe River, there is Funagoya Hot Spring Village with one of the highest concentration of carbonic acid in Japan.

Chikugo City : Living Information

Name Category Map Notes
Chikugo City Hall Administrative facilities map Approx. 8 min.
from Research Division by car
Hainuduka Station Railway station map Approx. 10 min.walk
from Research Division
Chikugo City Hospital Hospital map Approx. 3 min.walk
from Research Division
Convenience Store Daily necessities map
Supermarket Food items map
Hardware store Daily necessities map
Electronics retail store Electric appliances map
Restaurant Japanese map
Western map
Chinese map
Noodles map
Fast food map
Ethnic food map
Hospital General hospital map Need a reservation generally
Clinic map
Dentistry map Need a reservation generally
Post office map
Bank map
Accomodation map
Christian church map
Temple map

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