Information for Visitors

Welcome to Japan, Welcome to NARO: Beginning of Stay in Japan

We would like to introduce information on the areas where NARO institutes and centers are located. It contains information on general transportation and useful information for visiting foreign researchers to settle in each area.

*Some research divisions are not listed.

Access to NARO and Local Living Information

Institutes and Centers in Tsukuba

  • Core Technology Research Headquarters
    • RC for Agricultural Information Technology
    • RC for Agricultural Robotics
    • RC for Genetic Resources
    • RC for Advanced Analysis
  • Institute of Food Research
  • Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science
  • National Institute of Animal Health
  • Institute of Crop Science
  • Institute of Fruit Tree and Tea Science
  • Institute of Vegetable and Floriculture Science
  • Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
  • Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
  • Institute for Rural Engineering
  • Institute for Plant Protection
  • Central Region Agricultural Research Center
  • Center for Seeds and Seedlings

Institute of Agricultural Machinery